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Intuitive Leadership
Intuitive Leadership
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Intuitive Leadership

Intuitive Leadership

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Highly successful leaders rely on their intuition to have vision, confidence and clarity as they make decisions and they are able to do so, rapidly and effectively.   Neuroscience show that our rational mind is limited in its ability to perceive intuition – less than 5% of our thinking occurs in the conscious mind. Rational thinking is historical thinking based on what we know has occurred in the past and lacks true vision.

The ability to see beyond the data and analysis to discover insights is a skill that can be developed by people, easily.  You will have insights when you tap into intuition. 

When you know how to deliberately access insights through your intuitive intelligence, you will experience clarity, focus and calmness leading to higher productivity, increased profits, more flexible adaptive thinking in your personal and professional life.

Intuitive Leadership is a master class and coaching program designed to enable you to access and engage with your intuitive mind balanced with your rational decision-making.

    This workshop is suitable for:

    • Leaders and leaders in the making
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Start up founders
    • Small business owners
    • Anyone involved in decision-making for their life

    Jane Mara

    Jane Mara is the Founder and CEO of Expert Intuition – empowering people to adopt more insights into their business and making higher quality decisions.

    When she studied an MBA, it was all about analysis and data, ignoring the way in which people who made decisions, emotionally and intuitively! Jane conducted her own research published in her first book, Intuition on Demand in 2006 – nominated as one of Top 50 business book by AFR/Boss magazine. Jane interviewed business people, entrepreneurs, emergency workers, artists, even a mountaineer to discover just how valuable their intuition was in their decision-making – a much under-valued tool! Jane knew intuition could be trained and improved and discovered that entrepreneurs are highly intuitive.  In 2008 Jane met an academic who had researched serial entrepreneurs globally. After studying masses of academic papers led Jane to the conclusion that there is a framework of behaviour entrepreneurs adopt when they create successful business. This research is the basis of her latest book, Think like an Entrepreneur - the Mindset of Success.

    Dr David Paul

    David is a unique specialist in Complex, Large-Scale, Organic Organisational Change, Eupsychian leadership, Mindfulness and People interventions in challenging change environments which are volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. He is an experienced and polished adult educator, highly confidential senior advisor, mentor and coach to c-suite executives, CEOs and Heads of Government. David regularly advises public and private companies and their senior executives in large-scale change and organisational transformation, which affects organisational culture, morale, communication and internal politics.

    Master Class Details

    • Timing: Master Classes and coaching are scheduled on demand 
    • Master classes are limited to a maximum: 15 participants
    • One-day workshop: 8.30am start – 12.30 pm finish
    • $595 per attendee including a pre-assessment and report (valued at $800); $450 if booked and paid one month prior workshop
    • $1400 per attendee for coaching program of 4 x 90 minute sessions
    • Venue: On line or at Level 28, Meeting rooms, Deutsche Bank Building, Cnr. Hunter & Phillip St Sydney

    Cancellation Policy:

    • 7 days prior master class – no refunds
    • Prior that time, 50% refund will be made