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The Research

Interest in the source of intuition is at all-time high. There are literally thousands of academic papers written by scholars, philosophers, psychologists and neuro-scientists claiming that they have the answer to the source of intuition; that feeling of knowing without knowing and how it emerges.

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Latest Stories

Michael Rennie, Board Member and Consultant

"The more you come to realise that thinking is not just analytical and rational, it rather has an irrational and feeling component to it. So I have learnt to be quite sensitive to what I am feeling, when I am thinking, because the feeling comes first, often, and actually creates the thoughts."

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Michael Groom, Professional Mountaineer

"On the 20th of September 1991, I woke up and my gut feeling said: “Today something is going to happen and it is not looking good.” I doubted my intuition, analyzing all the other factors in my environment, like the weather conditions, my mind-set and general health. I finally dismissed the intuition as meaning: “Something may happen today, but it may happen to someone else.” At 11am that morning, I was hit by an avalanche and fell 900 meters —almost a vertical kilometer — and was buried alive in the valley at the bottom. I managed to dig my way out of the snow and ice, with only 60 seconds remaining before the ice would have set permanently around me."

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