What We Offer You

What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us. And when we bring what is within us out into the world, miracles happen - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Expert Intuition develops your intuition as a skill that allow Aha moments, clarity and insights to occur, easily.

It is designed for people who seek to apply their intuition to access deep knowledge and wisdom, on demand.

We have coached and consulted to hundreds of individuals and organisational teams who desire:

  1. More entrepreneurial thinking and innovative strategies
  2. Require clarity and certainty of their decision-making
  3. Seek insights for their personal and professional lives
  4. Who seek to have greater resilience and lower stress in the midst of change

When you learn how to apply your intuition on demand, you gain greater happiness and fulfillment, increased effectiveness and productivity in your life.

Contact us by jane@janemara.com (hyperlink)  to learn more about how Expert Intuition may assist you.

Master Classes & Keynote Presentations:

Think like an entrepreneur – the mindset of success!

Entrepreneurs have abilities that distinguishes them from others in business. They have a heightened intuitive sense, leading them to uncover opportunities sometimes, previously unimagined.

Visionaries, the late Steve Jobs and Sir Richard Branson immediately spring to mind. Both have spoken openly about the power of their intuition and sought to develop this skill. The formula for their success originates from a strong intuition about a potential new idea. Added to that is a blend of passion and intentionality to create alchemy.  When we expand our awareness and move beyond the focus on logical analysis where our brain power is restricted, accessing insights and breakthrough ideas occurs easily. Entrepreneurial thinking is a skill, to be improved, demonstrating that everyone can create and sustain new thinking to develop more divergent business opportunities. 

The Aha! moment –the power of intuition in your decision-making

We have all experienced moments of intuition where the right solution effortlessly appears, without forcing it. Where does the Aha moment come from and can your intuitive skill be developed?

Jane Mara, an expert in the study of Intuitive Intelligence will tell you what intuition is and how to access it, on demand. Jane has researched the subject globally amongst business leaders, entrepreneurs, creative people and emergency workers to discover that your intuition is an invaluable aid in your decision-making and to have breakthrough ideas.

Research shows that 50% of decisions made logically are later shown to be incorrect. Intuition is part of our natural intelligence – redressing the balance between logical and intuitive thinking is critical to individual and organisational success. You can achieve a balance when you include your intuition which will empower you to achieve greater success by improving the accuracy of your decision-making. 

Master your mind – for high performance

In environments of complexity, increasing ambiguity with too much or too little information, our brain literally changes, reducing connections between neurons leading to a decrease in our ability to make clear decisions and to work effectively. Technology and connectivity 24/7 is resulting in short attention spans for people who are unable to clearly focus and make decisions easily, often blocking access to creativity and innovative thinking.

This presentation is designed to improve your minds flexibility and agility. We have natural ability to access multiple levels of intelligence. This program is specifically designed to rewire your neural pathways learning how to re-balance your mind, and de-stress, easily.

Contact jane@janemara.com to learn more about how Expert Intuition may assist you.