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What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us. And when we bring what is within us out into the world, miracles happen  -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Expert Intuition develops individuals and organizational teams intuition as a skill to access the level of thinking beneath the surface, that allows Aha moments and insights to occur.

It is designed for people who seek to combine personal wisdom with business acumen.

Our programs are designed to meet your brief. We have consulted to organisations and individuals who desire:

  • More entrepreneurial thinking and innovation
  • Require clarity and certainty of decision-making
  • Seek new insights into their business and new directions for the future
  • Experience a mindful approach to business – professionally and personally
  • Who seek to develop resilience and lower stress in the midst of transition and change.
  • Resulting in increased effectiveness, productivity and performance
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Whether you think you can, or you think you can't - You're right - Henry Ford
Coaching: Creating the Mindset of Success

Being successful in life is dependent on many factors, the most important being individuals’ mindset, without which the most promising strategy is doomed to failure.

Research on entrepreneurial mindset reveals that they are passionate risk takers, focused individuals with a mantra of never give up! What is the internal process they undertake to develop their personal mindset and capacity to perform at the highest level? They are highly intuitive constantly scan their environment looking for disparate patterns and connections.

Many business people and entrepreneurs suffer personal fears and insecurities. Their initial motivation is to succeed, yet as time evolves, long held beliefs about success from parents or role models which may have been negative, discouraging or even shaming emerges and either slow down or sabotage their progress.

Unpacking what lies beneath is the key to success. By examining the inner beliefs and values which become behaviour and recognising the source of fear and releasing these beliefs is the start of a journey towards success.

The Mindset of Success coaching program enables individuals to develop self-awareness of their purpose, values, thoughts, emotions, beliefs, behaviours, mindsets, actions and consequences. It integrates business development with personal wisdom.

This program allows individuals to have greater authenticity and meaning at work, creating a richer more fulfilling life experience. Empowering people for success involves a deep dive into the inner world of the self to emerge with awareness and a higher purpose in the external world.

It addresses the attributes that define a conscious person include self-reflection, passion, persistence, calmness, clarity, focused energy and envisioning.

Participants experience a profound shift into a higher level of consciousness and meaning making. This is achieved by the programs unique blend of development of self-awareness, neuro-science and heart-brain science, combined with the latest research and application from the worlds of quantum science and ancient wisdom.

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Keynote Speaking Presentations

Think like an entrepreneur - the mindset of success !

Entrepreneurs have an ability that distinguishes them from others in business. They have a heightened intuitive sense, leading them to uncover opportunities sometimes, previously unimagined. Visionaries, the late Steve Jobs and Sir Richard Branson immediately spring to mind. Both have spoken openly about the power of their intuition and sought to develop this skill. The formula for their success originates from a strong intuition about a potential new idea. Added to that is a blend of passion and intentionality to create alchemy.  Entrepreneurial education needs to be improved to not only focus on logical analysis where the brain power is restricted, by accessing insights to have breakthrough ideas easily. We are increasing dependent on a knowledge-based economy as we move away from more manual occupations. Entrepreneurial thinking is a skill, to be improved, demonstrating that everyone can create and sustain new thinking to develop more divergent business opportunities. 

Master your energy for success

Recent statistics from the OECD show that Australians are amongst the hardest workers¹ (in the total number of hours worked per week) compared to workers in any other country. Senior executives regularly work more than 70 hours per week. When work accounts for 70 hours or more per week, the remaining time for relaxation is inevitably compromised.  Learning how to master your energy and work more productively, under pressure begins with awareness. This presentation includes the latest research from neuro-science with mindfulness practices designed to help you manage stress and be more energized every day, at work and at home.

The Aha! moment –use the power of intuition in your decision-making 

We have all experienced moments of intuition where the right solution effortlessly appears, without forcing it. Where does the Aha moment come from and can your intuitive skill be developed?

Jane Mara, an expert in the study of Intuitive Intelligence will tell you what intuition is and how to access it, on demand. Jane has researched the subject globally amongst business leaders, entrepreneurs, creative people and emergency workers to discover that your intuition is an invaluable aid in your decision-making and to have breakthrough ideas.

Research shows that 50% of decisions made logically are later shown to be incorrect. Intuition is part of our natural intelligence – redressing the balance between logical and intuitive thinking is critical to individual and organisational success. You can achieve a balance when you include your intuition which will empower you to achieve greater success by improving the accuracy of your decision-making.

Contact us at jane@janemara.com to learn more about how we may assist you.