Your Intuitive Assessment©

Please use the space below to answer the questions and add any additional comments. 


  1. When I say the word ‘intuition’ – what comes to your mind?


  1. What other words do you use to describe intuition?


  1. Are you aware of a dominant intuitive response? any type of physical response….


Cognitive Style:

  1. Does your understanding of a problem come from analysis or from intuition or both?


  1. To solve a problem, do you focus on every part in detail?


  1. Do you enjoy detailed methodical ways of working?




  1. To what extent, do you use your intuition to make decisions – personal and professional?



  1. Tell me about a time when you have followed your intuition? And when you have not…


  1. Any other thoughts… experiences you would like to share with me about intuition?


  1. On a scale of 1 to 7, do you consider yourself to be: please highlight one score only


Not                        Not very               Neutral           Somewhat            Highly

Intuitive                 Intuitive                                       Intuitive                Intuitive


1                2                 3                      4                      5                      6          7