Catherine Harris, Board Director & Entrepreneur

I was reading about entrepreneurs in a major business publication and, using my own intuition, thought that Catherine Harris’ story sounded intriguing and that she might be open to an interview.

An appointment to meet was made and, in my prior research on Catherine, I discovered that she was not only an entrepreneur, but also held high-ranking positions in government, many board directorships and had acted as Deputy Chancellor at the University of New South Wales. A most impressive person to meet! 

The interview took place at her home in a beautiful waterfront mansion in Sydney. She escorted me into her office exuding poise and a natural warmth.

Without any hesitation, Catherine began telling me about her intuition, knowing that she was always intuitive, from an early age:

I was always intuitive, but I did not recognize it as being intuitive. I used to get terribly frustrated because I just knew things, but I was not very articulate.

I was dyslexic, could not read or write virtually, which caused huge frustrations for me. I now think that intuition is just a different school of learning from what the stereotypical schools offer. I think schools must be very limited because they focus so much on logic-type thinking.

Catherine and David Harris started their first retail outlet specializing in fruit, vegetables and imported grocery lines. That has now developed into fifteen outlets in one state.  Their stores set a new standard in food retailing, with other retailers following their lead. She continued:

If we could harness highly intuitive people, it would be a fabulous resource. It is a waste if the highly intuitive people do not end up in universities.

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