Master Class: High Performance Mind for Leaders
Master Class: High Performance Mind for Leaders
Master Class: High Performance Mind for Leaders
Master Class: High Performance Mind for Leaders
Master Class: High Performance Mind for Leaders

Master Class: High Performance Mind for Leaders

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As a leader and manager, founder or business owner, do you ask yourself these questions?

  1. Will the business succeed if I am not involved in every aspect?
  2. What if I fail?
  3. How do I manage my time more effectively?
  4. How do I develop this business for growth?
  5. Am I losing focus on the reason why I started this business?
  6. How do I maintain my energy over time to deliver on my commitments?
  7. How do I deal with my stress and anxiety?
  8. How do I satisfy all the different stakeholders in my business?
  9. How do I remain calm in times of turbulence?
  10. Do I need a mentor?

Workshop Details

You will learn how to:

  • Develop a high-performance mind
  • Have clarity and insights
  • Improve the quality of relationships in your professional and personal life
  • Sustain your energy throughout the day
  • Increase your productivity at work - how to access clear thinking and focused thought – every time!
  • Have the ability to rapidly discriminate, organise and analyse information
  • Improve problem-solving abilities
  • Become more mindful of your attention and focus abilities
  • Have adaptability and resilience to environmental distractions
  • Learn how to consciously relax, reducing stress to enhance wellbeing
  • Master the power that lies within the moment

    You will develop:

    • Focus and greater attention resulting in clarity of thinking
    • Insights and increase in creativity and innovative ideas
    • More effective decisions
    • Improved health and wellbeing
    • Authentic relationships professionally and personally
    • Greater mental resilience
    • Increased energy

    This workshop is suitable for:

    • Leaders
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Start up founders
    • Small business owners
    • Anyone involved in decision-making for their business

    Jane Mara

    Jane Mara is the founder and CEO of Expert Intuition – empowering people to adopt more insights into their entrepreneurial business by making higher quality decisions.

    When she studied an MBA, it was all about analysis and data, ignoring the way in which people who made decisions, emotionally and intuitively! Jane conducted her own research published in her book, Intuition on Demand in 2006 – nominated as one of Top 50 business book by AFR/Boss magazine. Jane interviewed business people, entrepreneurs, emergency workers, artists, even a mountaineer to discover just how valuable their intuition was in their decision-making – a much under-valued tool! Jane knew intuition could be trained and improved. Jane discovered that entrepreneurs are highly intuitive.  In 2008 Jane met an academic who had researched serial entrepreneurs globally. After studying masses of academic papers led Jane to the conclusion that there is a framework of behaviour entrepreneurs adopt when they create successful business. This research is the basis of this workshop including how to create a high-performance mindset for start-up success.

    Dr David Paul

    David is a unique specialist (sui generis) in Complex, Large-Scale, Organic Organisational Change, Eupsychian leadership, Mindfulness and People interventions in challenging change environments which are volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. He is an experienced and polished adult educator, highly confidential senior advisor, mentor and coach to c-suite executives, CEOs and Heads of Government.

    David teaches in post-graduate management and leadership programs in Australia, Asia and Europe and has lectured to over 25,300 MBA and Exec MBA, DBA and PhD candidates who have been senior managers and executives, leaders, directors, Senior Executive Service in Government and has conducted and facilitated over 1500 retreats, seminars and workshops in complexity, change, culture, mindfulness and leadership. David regularly advises public and private companies and their senior executives in large-scale change and organisational transformation, which affects organisational culture, morale, communication and internal politics. One of David's key strengths is working with large teams and alliances to get key decisions in change, made and implemented.

    Rarely has anyone been across so many different subjects, worked and lectured in them. David has consistently been ranked in the top 1% of business school lecturers.

    David has a natural ability to work with people to bring out their best. Added to this are highly developed problem-solving abilities and people skills, honed through 25 years of experience in Business Consulting, Strategy Development, Complex Change Management, Corporate Communications, Large-scale multi-Program and Project Management & Executive Management Education. These are an unusual combination of strengths but they are all focused on helping Senior Executives lead and manage their staff with deep influence and understand "ephemeralization" in the complex areas of people and organic change.


    Workshop Details

    • Date: September, October, November 2018
    • This workshop is limited to a maximum: 20 participants
    • One-day workshop: 8.30am start – 12.30 pm finish
    • $495 per attendee including a pre-assessment and report (valued at $800); $350 if booked and paid in month prior workshop
    • Venue Level 28, Meeting rooms, Deutsche Bank Building, Cnr. Hunter & Phillip St Sydney


    Getting there and away…

    • Taxi: Drop off at Phillip Street or Hunter Street. Taxi ranks located outside Deutsche Bank Place (Hunter Street entrance) as well as in front of Chifley Tower or Sofitel Wentworth Hotel, 61 Phillip Street.
    • Car: Car parks are located at nearby Chifley Tower and 60 Elizabeth Street.
    • Train: The nearest station is Martin Place.


    • 7 days prior master class – no refunds
    • Prior that time, 50% refund will be made